Struggling to get Credit? Use

Are you struggling to get accepted for credit for your businesses purchases? Are you a UK business trading under 3 years or a non-homeowner?

Different finance companies have their own set of criteria, if you meet all but one of these criteria’s, unfortunately this will still result in a decline. However just because you’ve been declined by one finance company, it doesn’t mean everyone will decline you. At, we’re fortunate enough to partner alongside over 30 different lenders, meaning over 30 different potential suitors for your business. arranges competitive lease agreements for businesses of all sizes, whether a FTSE 100 business to a new start enterprise. Boasting over a 95% client acceptance rate, working with gives your business the best change of getting a credit acceptance for your purchases.

Some underwriters will require no additional information for your proposal, whilst others may require some supporting information such as up to date accounts or a personal guarantee as security behind the lease. Finance companies may also ask businesses for business or personal bank statements, maybe even a cross company guarantee or a guarantee from a third party.

Whilst additional information may seem daunting at first, speaking to an asset finance specialist at can give you the information you need to make an informed decision. We don’t record our phone calls, don’t store your details unless a quote is required, and all conversations are no-obligation, discreet and free.

We have helped thousands of UK businesses who have struggled to get credit and whether you are a non-homeowner, a new start business or just looking for an alternative quote, give us a call on 01494 422 967 or email us on